10 Most Breathtaking Highways Of The World

8. Rohtang Pass – India

Via: commons.wikimedia.org
Via: commons.wikimedia.org

The Rohtang Pass in India, well known for its picturesque landscapes and incredible beauty, is a road that can make every travel lover to pack his bags and set out on a drive. One of the most treacherous yet wonderful roads in the world, the Rohtang Pass can give you goosebumps with its beauty and landscapes. This road is open to travelers from the months of May to November since driving can be utterly dangerous in the winters due to heavy snowfall. But, if you are fortunate enough to experience zero traffic or no landslide while you are here, I bet the road will give you an experience of a lifetime with its breathtaking views of snow clad mountain peaks, rivers, and glaciers.

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