10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars On Road

1. BMW i3 REx – 88 Combined MPG

Via bmwblog.com
Via bmwblog.com

The i3 Rex is a wonder car for all those who have an unexplained obsession for BMW vehicles. This is what a perfect car for the next generation looks like. The BMW i3 REx or Range Extender is known for its two-cylinder engine and a small gas tank that takes over whenever the battery level of the vehicle drops to dangerously low levels. In its all-electronic mode, this smart and compact car can offer you an equivalent of 88 miles per gallon while in the gas mode it can give you 78 miles per gallon. If you are driving in the city, this glamorous car can give you an equivalent of 97 miles per gallon while also getting you the attention of people.

So which one do you plan to buy?

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