10 Wonders Of The World You Didn’t Know About!

All of us are acquainted with the seven wonders of the world that we have been taught about in school or read about on the internet. Surely, these are the places that can charm any person and mesmerize them with their beauty and elegance. Standing tall and since hundreds of years, these places have always been tourist attractions and flooded with people round the year. But, apart from these amazing and captivating places, did you know that there exist places that are as beautiful as the listed seven wonders? Many of you might not have visited these places or even known them for that matter. So, bring out the traveler in you guys for we are going to introduce you to some really wonderful places on the globe that failed to make it on the seven wonders list but are surely worth a visit!

10. Banaue Rice Terraces – Philippines

Via damajority.com
Via damajority.com

The Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines, built about 2000 years ago by hand, are listed as the eighth wonder of the world. These beautiful rice terraces have said to have covered half the globe, had the steps been placed side by side. To experience the flawless beauty and aura of the place, a large number of tourists trek up the Ifugao Mountains every year.

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