10 Wonders Of The World You Didn’t Know About!

7. Meteora – Greece

Via mikereyfman.com
Via mikereyfman.com

Meteora in Greece is a literal portrait of beauty and wonder which has remained away from the tourist radar so far. This amazing place had to be listed among the 10 wonders of the world for its picturesque beauty and mesmerizing landscapes. Located in Thessaly, Meteora is one of the largest and popular monasteries in the Eastern Orthodox faith. The place basically has six monasteries that are built on the top of sandstone rocks that protrude above the trees, high into the sky. The place is thus rightly named as ‘Meteora’ which means ‘middle of the sky’. Believed to be a UNESCO world heritage site, this place has somehow remained secluded from tourists. So, pack your bags and head out guys before it becomes crowded!

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